Thank you for taking the time to learn more about S&S Supplies and Solutions. Our entire team is committed to meeting and exceeding all of your requirements and offering the best products, processes, value added solutions, and services in the world. We have Global, National, and Regional relationships with the largest companies and continue to be the leader when it comes to business practice innovation.

Although a web site is great for informational purposes the thing that it lacks is the ability to convey the heart of S&S which resides in over 100 team members that create a place where mutual trust, respect, creativity, opportunity, honesty, hard work, and generosity abound.

I hope that you will get the opportunity to visit one of our branches and meet some of our service and solution providers in person one day. When you do you, will know what we mean when we say at S&S "We take it Personally".

Best Regards,

Tracy M. Tomkovicz